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The ICC Institute of World Business Law is a think-tank that provides research, training and information to the legal profession concerned with the development of international business law.

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How to join the ICC Institute of World Business Law: the admission process

The ICC Institute accepts submissions all the year round.

Candidates who wish to apply to become ICC Institute members have to follow a four-step process:

1. Send your CV and Cover Letter to institute@iccwbo.org

Applications are accepted in English

Please note that Cover Letters should address the following questions:

2.  According to the ICC Institute Articles, the ICC Institute Admission Committee, nominated by the ICC Institute Council, will be informed of all applications. It will review them against the criteria set by the Council of the ICC Institute.

Please note that the ICC Institute Admission Committee will ensure that :

–          The applicants’ main activity relates to international business law and the applicants have relevant experience in the field.

The Institute’s main focuses are international arbitration / international contracts / compliance.

–          The applicants are motivated to participate in the activities of the ICC Institute and wish to contribute to the ICC Institute think-tank role.

The Admission Committee may contact applicants to request more information or further clarification.

3.   Once the ICC Institute Admission Committee has reviewed applications, candidates will be informed of its decision.

Should the ICC Institute Admission Committee consider that an applicant should not become a Member of the ICC Institute, the application will be referred to the ICC Institute Council for a final decision as to admission, upon a report of the ICC Institute Admission Committee.

4.   Upon notice of acceptance, candidates will be invited to pay the annual membership fee that runs from January to December.

Yearly ICC Institute membership fees | From January to December

If you wish to submit your application to the ICC Institute for the first time, please send your CV and Cover letter. Please note that only upon notification of acceptance, you will be required to pay your membership fee. Applicants wishing to benefit from the ‘Under40’ should also send us their ID card/passport BEFORE submitting their applications.

E-mail: institute@iccwbo.org
Fax: +33 1 49 53 30 95

Post: ICC Institute of World Business Law, 33-43 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris, France

Membership benefits for 2023

What are the benefits of the ICC Institute membership?

Members are entitled to take part in all global and regional activities organised by or in collaboration with the ICC Institute of World Business Law, including:

In accordance with the ICC Institute Articles, if supported by five Council members residing in three different countries, Institute members are eligible for Council membership, the governing body of the Institute.



The ICC Institute acts as a think-tank, working closely with the ICC International Court of Arbitration and ICC Policy Commissions, so that ICC Institute members may benefit from:


By joining the ICC Institute of World Business Law you will immediately benefit from being linked to an internationally recognised network, acting as a think-tank, and kept up to date with the latest innovations in education and in managing international business law. Your privileged connection to the ICC will engage you directly in helping in influencing this international organisation on how to tackle international business law topics.