Global trade

ICC makes it easier for businesses to trade internationally. Everything we do on behalf of business drives a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Goods and services are produced and traded on a daily basis encompassing small, medium, large and multinational enterprises – affecting billions of lives in every corner of the world.

Trade is a driver of an increasingly integrated world economy, challenged and motivated by rapidly accelerating transformations.  Representing more than 45 million enterprises in over 170 countries gives ICC distinctive expertise in promoting business priorities that are also solutions to critical areas of shared purpose that directly impact society. 

Multilateral Trade/WTO

Partnership to support the advancement of the WTOs Trade Facilitation Agreement 


Inclusive economies through competitive markets 

Trade and supply chain finance

Banks and financial institutions engaging enterprises in world trade 


Fostering cross-border trade and investment through taxation 

Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property (IP) protection is key to developing knowledge-based industries and technology transfer.

Digital Standards Initiative

a globally harmonised 
digital trade environment.


Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP) 

A unique online training that provides up-to-the-minute training and certification on key trade finance products, techniques and compliance issues designed for product and relationship managers—as well as executives from management, credit, legal and compliance functions. 

How competition policy acts as a barrier to climate action 

ICC white paper that explores how to bridge the gap between businesses, and competition authorities, who hold conflicting perspectives on the value of business collaboration to achieve their own and/or global sustainability goals. 

ICC Fintech Collaboration Guidelines  

ICC Fintech Collaboration Guidelines outlines the cooperation between trade finance actors in the new digitalised technologies space.