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SME360X is a user-friendly digital assessment tool to measure, benchmark and economically value the impact of business operations on the environment.

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Driven by our commitment to accelerating sustainability and climate action, ICC co-developed with GIST Impact a solution that supports organisations in engaging small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their sustainability processes.

What is SME 360X? 

SME360X is a user-friendly platform designed to help supply chain leaders, financial institutions, trade bodies and banks assess environmental performance and impacts across their value chain and networks.


How can you use SME360X ? 

Streamline data collection, aligned with regulations and standards

Data gathering aligned to requirements specified in new standards and regulations, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), ensuring data can meet reporting needs

Analyse data for better decision-making and impact materiality assessment

A powerful and intuitive dashboard that translates sustainability data into measurable monetary impact, providing easily comparable, sector-specific and location-specific insight

Estimate data for easy onboarding

Rigorous scientific and economic models that provide estimations where sustainability data is missing or not tracked, making it easy for SMEs to get started.

Build credibility with recognised certification

ICC SME360X certifications available to SMEs when they complete their first environmental impact assessment, and when they set pledges to reduce their environmental impact.

Improve transparency with efficient tracking and management of the supply chain

Aggregated view of SME reported data, including customisable features to understand the impact of a value chain or network.

Empower change with an advanced dashboard for sustainable growth

Unleash the potential of SMEs with a comprehensive dashboard that offers industry benchmarking, actionable insights, and expert recommendations. Take decisive steps to continuously enhance your supply chain companies’ environmental footprint and make a lasting impact.

How does it work? 

A simple five step process

1. Measure

2. Analyse

3. Benchmark

4. Set pledges

5. Take action

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