Certificates of Origin


Genesis offers a reliable verifying tool not only to exporters for their origin statement, but also importers and customs authorities, which aims to reduce fraud risks and costs, and to facilitate smoother customs checks.

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What is Genesis ?

Certified invoice declarations (in effect a self-certification process carried out by the exporter) have been around for a number of decades and are used in numerous Free Trade Agreements (FTA). At best and if used efficiently, they strengthen the trustworthiness of exporters, reduce the risk of fraud and thus legal liability for importers, as well as ensuring smoother customs checks. 

However, at the moment, there are neither regulations nor obligations on the certification of an invoice declaration. Such declaration is carried out by suppliers/ exporters either on a voluntary basis or upon the request of customs authority/ importers as part of the procedures in an FTA. 

The certification of an invoice declaration reinforces Chamber’s role in delivering innovative trade services that are relevant, cost-effective and of highest quality. 

In 2022, ICC launched Genesis, a digital certifying tool that enables exporters to go to their related chamber of commerce to obtain the certification of their preferential origin statement on invoice declarations.  

By offering a reliable verifying tool to exporters but also to importers and customs authorities, Genesis aims to reduce fraud risks and costs, and to facilitate smoother customs checks. 

Set to last until March 2023, the initial pilot phase will involve eight participating champion chambers: Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Basel Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland as well as five chambers in United Kingdom: British Chambers of Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and Business West (Bristol Chamber of Commerce). 

The Genesis platform

A verification tool to help reduce risks and costs for smoother customs check

How does Genesis work ?

Of his own choosing, an exporter shall apply online to the Chamber of Commerce to obtain the certification of its invoice declaration and origin statement. As such, the invoice declaration becomes more trustworthy thanks to the certification made by the Chamber of Commerce. 

An importer receiving an invoice declaration seeing that the document has been certified by a Chamber of Commerce in the country of export, recognizes a reduced level of risk in the transaction. 

Benefits to the business community 

  • Verified self-certification of the origin by a trusted third party 
  • Reduce the legal liability of the importer 
  • Invoice can be verified by the importing Customs authority